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Omahan Langan "Busting Bad Guys" for drugs, prostitution, gambling in new book

Drinking a beer with veteran narcotics investigator Mark Langan, you would hang on every word of his stories from the streets of Omaha. You might ask him what hookers and pimps and dealers looked like and how he caught them.

See his book "Busting Bad Guys" for such stories, beginning with him shooting a drug dealer who opened fire on his colleague in 2002. The final pages include meetings with a daughter of that drug dealer shot dead and with a woman who knew Langan in her long career as a prostitute and previously as a child in their north Omaha neighborhood.

"Busting Bad Guys: My True Crime Stories of Bookies, Drug Dealers, and Ladies of the Night" is mostly about drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and police tactics for arresting them.

"I wish I had shared my experiences more with my family," Langan writes in the introduction. "I should have been more open to them about my feelings about this damn job.

"That's the reason for this book."

An undercover investigator naked with a call girl, an officer having sex with a suspect in the cruiser. Langan explains these situations and many more including illegal firearm circulation, a drug dealer in the haven of a girlfirend's home, he-she hookers with Johns, with a style that seems more like a police report than the more nuanced narrative in some books by police who become authors.

"Sadly, I know of a couple of male customers who committed suicide shortly after being arrested. Their indiscretion was just too much to take home to the wife."

With policing strategy and stories of challenging and dangerous calls, "Busting Bad Guys" contrasts with colleague Brian Bogdanoff's true crime book about Omaha, "Three Bodies Burning," a chronological account of his biggest case that might keep you awake turning the pages. While "Busting Bad Guys" is not fast-paced. it is not sluggish except perhaps when telling about the interviews in the aftermath of the drug dealer's shooting death.

Langan, who was sometimes Bogdanoff's supervisor in the Omaha Police Department, always entertains as he uses hard work and tricky tactics to make an arrest.

Langan also describes his patrolling days in the 318-page paperback that was produced by Concierge Marketing Publishing Services.

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