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Omaha police brutality caught on tape: 6 cops sacked over parking ticket tumult

A shocking overkill response from Omaha cops last year over a parking ticket infraction is still having ripple effects, reports the Inquisitr on Friday. Two more police officers have recently been fired, bringing the total to six cops sacked for the racially motivated brutality that was filmed from a nearby window.

In March of last year, video taken by one of the victim’s brothers shows police discussing a routine parking violation. Suddenly, Octavius Johnson, who was questioning why his car was being towed, is thrown to the ground. Video rolls as more and more police cars come flying into the scene, with dozens of officers running around and committing all sorts of civil rights violations.

“A parking ticket turned into officers storming my house and me being thrown to the ground and put into a chokehold,” said Octavius at the time.

Press release reports show that more than two dozen officers arrived at the scene. Octavius was hit multiple times while he was on the ground, while his home was illegally searched absent a warrant. Octavius’ aunt, Sharon Johnson, was tossed from her wheelchair and had to be hospitalized. Even the family’s dogs were taken from the home.

“As I have previously stated, we did not carry ourselves in a manner representative of the Omaha Police Department in this incident,” said Police Chief Todd Schmaderer in response to the latest firings.

Not good enough, says the Nebraska chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, who has filed a lawsuit against the Omaha police department on behalf of the Johnson family.

“Despite the fact that no crime, drugs, or weapons were involved, more than twenty officers arrived at the Johnson's home, invaded their privacy, confiscated their property and unnecessarily injured four members of the family,” said attorney Diana Vogt in an ACLU press release. “You do not lose your right to be treated with respect by law enforcement simply because of where you live in Omaha or the color of your skin.”

According to the Inquisitr, the biggest factor contributing to the police firings was “an evidence tampering cover-up. One of the other officers… actually took the memory card of Octavius’ brother, Juaqez, and smashed it on the ground. Juaqez can be seen in the video asking police to stop hitting his brother and recording the incident as well.”

This latest incident comes as the Omaha Police Officers Association, Omaha’s local police union, is already under fire for posting what some are calling a racially charged video of a toddler cussing, then calling it evidence of "thuggery."

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