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Omaha explosion: Massive explosion at animal feed plant, 2 victims found dead

Explosion at Omaha plant
Explosion at Omaha plant
NPTelegraph Image, Photo File

An Omaha explosion has rocked an animal feed processing plant in Nebraska this week. The massive detonation is said to have left at least 2 victims in its wake found dead within the blast vicinity, as well as 10 others injured in various conditions. The cause of the disaster has not been confirmed yet by local authorities, though they do not believe it to be related to a chemical occurrence, Yahoo! News confirms this Monday, Jan. 20, 2014.

The Omaha explosion that recently ravaged the International Nutrition plant now has police officers continuing to search through the rubble for more potential victims or bodies. It is not expected for the death toll to rise much more than the two confirmed deaths from to the fatal blast, especially since all 38 of the processing plant workers employed within the building at the time of the incident have now been accounted for.

In addition to the casualties, 10 employees have been hospitalized for serious wounds. Seven more were said to be hurt but in no immediate need of medical treatment, while a total of 19 workers were said to escape the mangled wreck of the edge of the plant. Search and potential rescue teams continued to canvass the area this Monday evening in an attempt to find any other others and verify whether the building was now stable. No confirmation has been made whether the work will carry over to Tuesday morning.

"We haven't cleared the building yet because of the significant risk to our people," Interim Omaha Fire Chief Bernie Kanger said of the massive scare.

The cause of the Omaha explosion has not been verified, though Kanger did add in his report that hazardous chemicals are not thought to be a factor at this point of time due to no chemicals being present in the animal feed processing site at the time of the blast. International Nutrition makes a variety of products that are then integrated into poultry and livestock feed to make them more filling and healthier for the animals.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been cited to determine the cause of the Omaha explosion once it is found the building no longer holds any risk. According to the report, the massive blast blew out many in the lights in the plant, sending workers everywhere rushing to find exits for their own safety.

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