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Olympus files patents for faster than f1 lenses

If a post by the Japanese blog Egami is for real, Olympus has filed patents for six prime lenses for its Micro Four Thirds mount as well as a yet to be developed, smaller sensor mount. The interesting implication: all the lenses are in the neighborhood of f1 in aperture.

So, what are we looking at?

For starters, the details are very, very sketchy at this point as all that's known (if the rumors are true) are the focal lengths, apertures, and optical configuration of the lenses. Additionally, it must be considered that these patents have only reportedly been filed, not granted, which means that they probably haven't even left the drawing board yet. Additionally, if the patents were to be granted, no one knows how many of these lenses would even make it into production for the masses.

This aside, here's the rumored optics:

Micro Four Thirds:
12.7mm f1.05
14.27mm f1
12.7mm f0.95
13.99mm f1

Unnamed 2.7x Crop Mount
9.05mm f1
5.46mm f0.95

My feelings about these lenses: only expect one of the M.ZUIKOs to reach production as they are all very similar in specifications, which I interpret as a 4-lens race to see which is best and deserving of mass production. The un-named 2.7x crop optics? Who knows there.

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