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Olympics: What went wrong for Shaun White?

Shaun White....snowboard bends as he hits wall.
Shaun White....snowboard bends as he hits wall.

Shaun White is probably the greatest half-pipe star in the universe, but he came up short in the Sochi Olympics, finishing fourth, according to NBC News. What went wrong?

White told Matt Lauer in an interview that the stress of trying to become the first Olympian to win three consecutive gold medals in the same event could've had an impact. He won gold in the last two Olympics and was the big favorite to three-peat at Sochi.

He's also been suffering from ankle and shoulder injuries which means he couldn't have been at his physical best. Unfortunately, the Winter Olympics normally come around only once every four years and a person has to compete whether fully healthy or not.

White cut his long red hair this time for this special event so fans didn't get to see the famous Carrottop persona. Michael Wilbon on ESPN said maybe it was the Samson effect, referring to the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah.

Even the greatest superstars on earth have a bad day and he had his at a most inopportune time in the Olympics. The injured White fell twice on his first run in the half-pipe which not only cost him a gold but knocked him off the podium. Somebody nicknamed I-Pod won the gold.

I-Pod is a Russian native, but a Swiss citizen, and he chose the right time to have his best day. He landed his signature move in the half-pipe after finishing fourth in Vancouver four years ago.

White also had the misfortune of suffering another injury while practicing for the new slopestyle snowboard event. That injury forced him out of the slopestyle event so he could spend more time focusing on his favorite snowboarding event the half-pipe.

Two Japanese snowboarders finished second and third behind I-Pod.

I-Pod's actual name is Iouri Podlatchikov. He nailed his signature trick the YOLO with two flips and four revolutions. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, according to the New York Daily News newspaper.

White won gold in Turin in 2006 and again in Vancouver in 2010.

White's bad day occurred at a place called Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. The Flying Tomato said after the event was over, "Tonight was just one of those nights."

White denied a report he was retiring saying he intended to compete in the Olympics in Korea.

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