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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympics Opening Ceremony supports gay rights; gloves, signs have rainbows

Olympics Opening Ceremony was anti-gay? Gloves, coats, signs offer rainbows
Olympics Opening Ceremony was anti-gay? Gloves, coats, signs offer rainbows
Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

The Olympics Opening Ceremony had so much strife on issues of human rights that some viewers decided to boycott the actual show. However, as Huffington Post pointed out on Friday, somebody might want to share with the Russian government that there were more LGBT shout outs than most people imagined. From pins to signs and everything in between, the idea of supporting every human, no matter their sexual orientation was alive and well at the Winter Games in Sochi.

Believe it or not the subtle aspects of the Opening Ceremony got the most attention. Walking into the arena for the first time, the Greeks wore gloves with rainbow tips. Waving to the crowd there were plenty of people who saw all the rainbow colored fingers.

Another big moment was when the Germany athletes made an incredibly low-key entrance with jackets of the colors that had every person immediately recognizing the rainbow colors. Strolling in leisurely, it was obvious they were proud in supporting the human rights efforts too.

Czechs celebrated with their support with hearts for who most are assume for Václav Havel. The famous Czech president always included a heart beneath his name and was progressive when it came to LGBT rights.

If that wasn’t all enough, then the chance to hear Queen’s song We Are the Champions had people thinking of front man Freddie Mercury who also was gay.

So was there enough signs that support the gay community in Russia? Yes, and the colors were seen on national television again and again for viewers to understand the message loud and clear.

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