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Olympics Opening Ceremony: Olympic gods appear in amazing light show (photos)

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The Olympics Opening Ceremony has some spectacular light show moments that made the world gasp in delight. While most viewers around the globe found the ceremony to be a challenge at some points as the Russian history was intense, there was segments like the moment when the Olympic gods appeared in an amazing light show and it was spectacular. According to Fansided on Friday, it was visual eye candy feast.

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Considered one of the best moments of the night, it was the amazing light show toward the end of the program that really captured the heart of the Sochi Olympics. The stadium went dark and the stars were literally lit up by power of the Olympic gods. The light show following that point had a very impressive light display that included athletes in different sports literally hanging in the sky.

Another element that really showcased the darkness was the roller-skating athletes on the stage of the floor. Moving quickly and harness up with lights, the speed seen on the floor had the lights of the suits melting together for a stunning optical illusion.

The visual light display seemed to warp the viewer’s senses and offer a look at the Olympics in a different manner. Sharing the beauty of the darkness and giving the stars a moment to shine, it wasn't just about the Olympic gods having power but the Olympic sport too. The chance to come together as one in sportsmanship really seemed to come alive at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympics Opening Ceremony.