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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympics Opening Ceremony fun? Russian police sing ‘Get Lucky’ (video)

The Olympics Opening Ceremony had the world watching as history and life of the Russia was seen through a child’s eyes. While the Sochi Olympics moment was spectacular, it wasn't all just a big lesson in history. One moment on Friday that had the fans smiling was when the Russian police sang Daft Punk’s Get Lucky to the world. According to the Syracuse newspaper on Friday Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs choir has performed the song before, but never to such a global audience.

While the choir could have been a little nervous as millions of people were watching, they didn't seem to miss a beat. Offering a popular song with an interesting twist, there were smiles from the performers as they belted out the top charting hit.

One of several fun moments at the Olympics Opening Ceremony, the fans had to wonder just how long the choir had been practicing for this moment. Giving people a softer side of the Russian police and sharing their vocal talent, it seemed to be a bit out of character, especially since so much has been discussed about security in Sochi.

Take a look at the video clip of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs choir singing Get Lucky. It was a funny moment that had everyone feeling like a little dancing would be delightful.

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