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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympics Opening Ceremony fireworks light up sky; 2014 Winter Games begin

Olympics Opening Ceremony offers an amazing ending with an epic fireworks show
Olympics Opening Ceremony offers an amazing ending with an epic fireworks show
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Olympic Games began in Sochi as the fireworks filled the sky and the valley was full of color. As viewers looked on, the final minutes of the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony was an overwhelming burst of lights. In what was a splendid display of fireworks and culture, the Russians gave the world a view of their history and life. While most of the moments were difficult for viewers to follow, one thing that wasn't hard to understand was the amazing fireworks display. According to Fansided on Friday, the fireworks were extremely brilliant and fans were watching the explosions in the air as classic music played.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony fireworks were just as dramatic as in previous Olympic Games. Kicking off when the Olympic Cauldron was lit and continuing for a good five minutes, the fireworks were above the stadium around the lit cauldron and even seen in the distance. Even if athletes were not in attendance for the moment, they could still peek out their windows to see the lights in the sky.

Surprisingly, the Olympics Opening Ceremony kicked off with a few fireworks as well. Nothing as dramatic as the ending, but still very entertaining. Offering up plenty of excitement with some great music, it was a great way to get the crowd going for the three hour celebration of the Olympic Games.

Take a look the photo slideshow of the Olympics Opening Ceremony fireworks. It’s quite breathtaking!