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Olympics Opening Ceremony: ‘Dreams About Russia’ features Liza Temnikova

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The Olympics Opening Ceremony had fans around the world getting a crash course in Russian history and offering up a look into a country that not everyone gets a chance to explore. In Dreams About Russia, the fans of the world got to share the journey of Lyubov, a 11-year-old girl who explores the country. According to the Washington Post on Friday the little girl is a local Sochi resident, Liza Temnikova.

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The central character in the show is first seen sleeping in her bed and as she explores the country, the viewer’s get to see what she does in a very quick moving show. It was interesting to find out that Lyubov means “love” and this young lovely child was leading the audience on a journey that spanned thousands of miles and hundreds of years.

The Dream About Russia performance was special to the child who won the roll as the star of the show. She was seen in the majority of the performance and her face will be known for decades as she is remembered for her character. The role was given to, 11-year-old, Liza Temnikova, from Krasnodar. The daughter of two taxi drivers won the role and shared her love of the country with the world! Obviously her parents must be proud of her performance and so are her friends and neighbors.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympics Opening Ceremony.