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Olympics end, NHL returns to action

Team Canada got the gold, but now they must return to their NHL teams.
Team Canada got the gold, but now they must return to their NHL teams.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Well, that respite for the NHL season known as the Winter Olympics is now over. All in all, it wasn't a great tournament, unless you are Canadian. Team Canada was able to win the gold handily, beating Sweden by a score of 3-0. Canada did not lose a single game, and played their best hockey late in the tourney, which is convenient. Sweden got the silver, and Finland took home the bronze, as usual, by trouncing USA. It was a bad final game for the United States, as they lost 5-0. Somewhere, Bobby Ryan smiles wryly.

Anyway, now that the Olympic break is over, we return to our regularly scheduled NHL programming. On Tuesday, the league kicks back into action with a game between Carolina and Buffalo. How exciting! This is, of course, a make up game, thanks to a snowout earlier this year. Then, there are a few games Wednesday, including another Buffalo game, and then things pick back up in earnest on Thursday.

March is almost here. The season is basically three-quarters of the way done. The trade deadline will be on top of us soon. Olympic teammates shall become adversaries again. The Olympics may have been less than stellar, but I expect the remaining NHL will be great. Unless the Red Wings miss the playoffs. Then it is all garbage.