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Olympics Closing Ceremony Parade of Athletes; Team USA all smiles (15 photos)

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Team USA was accounted for when the Olympics Closing Ceremony was held in Sochi. Smiling for the world to see, the athletes from America came out waving. Looking delighted to be part of the ceremony, there was no doubt the people who represented USA were really happy to be part of the final moments of the event. According to the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, the athletes seemed to be about a third of the participants that were part of the Opening Ceremony only a few weeks ago.

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The Parade of Athletes immediately followed all the flags of the countries that participated in the Sochi Olympics. The flags of the world were ushered in separately to showcase how the world was together when it came to the world of competitive sports.

After walking the Olympic stadium and waving to the fans, the athletes are expected to have a front row seat of the spectacle that will follow. The fun after the athlete is expected to include an introduction to South Korea and the 2018 Olympics. Organizers have promised an epic celebration to the athletes of the Sochi Olympics and to those athletes of the future.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Parade of Athletes. Team USA looks proud to be part of the moment. Of course America is glad to see them as well as there is nothing better than the colors of red, white and blue being represented.