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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympics bring attention to stray dog factor in Russia

The Olympic opening ceremony began this past Friday evening and with all the cameras focused on Russia due to the famous games, comes with it the fact that there are other things about Russia that the world may not know about but should. Things like the huge quantity of homeless dogs that were hurriedly rounded up as to dissipate any unwanted negativity on the topic.

Animal Rights Activists will have to keep on top of helping the homeless dogs in Sochi.

The worrisome factor for dog lovers currently is ‘What exactly is Russia going to do with the dogs once the games begin?’ The unfortunate truth behind this circumstance is that the whole group of them will be euthanized – most likely sooner than later in an effort to keep them from wandering in and amongst the Olympic Games. In fact, the Director General of Basya Services, Alexei Sorokin, a Russian pest control firm, admitted to The Associated Press that Basya has a contract to exterminate the dogs while the Olympics proceed.

Russia has been on-again, off-again with their adoption tactics with human babies. What made us believe that their attitude will be different where mere animals are concerned? After all these are just wandering dogs that beg for food around every corner; living life in the mud, amongst abandoned buildings, going without food and water in Russia’s cold climate.

While Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was thrilled with the aspect that his country would have the opportunity to host this year’s winter games, the unfortunate truth is that many of the dogs became homeless when their families were put out of their homes because they were located where the Olympic Village was to be constructed. Once again, this goes to prove that neither the humans or the canines were much considered in the overall prospect of what being home to the 2014 Olympic Games would mean for Russia as a whole.

There are people who do care though – one particular dog shelter that is supported by a Russian billionaire, is doing everything they can to round up as many of the unfortunate animals as possible before the exterminator shoots them. Although they are working tirelessly toward this effort, they have not been able to save all the dogs; many of whom have already been killed.

Sure the opportunity is one in which many countries vied for position for, but the ruthless attitude toward the people and their pets is not as common in other countries as it happens to be in Russia. It is hoped that the charity called Volnoe Delo(roughly, Good Will), being financed by Oleg V. Deripaska, one of Russia’s billionaire leaders, will be able to turn the situation around. Animal rights activists all over the world are wishing that the efforts will pay off.

Only time will tell how many dogs are able to be saved during the couple week run of the Olympic Games. After that animal rights activists will have to keep up the concern in order to ensure the safety and support of the animals left to fend for themselves on the streets of Russia.

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