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Olympics 2010/snowboarding

The 2010 Winter Olympics has officially started and there are many different sports that are involved.  One particular sport that may come to mind is:  snowboarding.  Most of us probably do not know much about the sport.  It consists of combining the elements of surfing, skateboarding, snowboard-one of the fastest growing sports- is a recent addition to the Olympic Winter games.

The first official snowboard competition was held in Colorado in 1981.  Two snowboard events were introduced at the Nagano 1998 Winter games- halfpipe and individual giant slalom.  Parallel giant slalom replaced individual giant slalom at the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter games and snowboard cross was introduced in 2006 at the Torino Olympic Winter games.

Here is how it all works.  In the halfpipe, one snowboarder at at time performs a routine of acrobatic jumps, twists, and tricks on the inside of a half-cylinder-shaped snow tube or ramp while moving from one side of the halfpipe to the other.  The riders are judged on the height and style of their tricks.  In the parallel giant slalom, two snowboarders race head-to-head down a course, turning through  a series of gates.  The fastest goes on to the next round.  The top finishers compete in a total of nine runs.  In snowboard cross, four racers start in a pack down a course, racing against each other rolling terrain and a series of jumps and ramps.  The fastest two racers from each heat move on to the next round.

Test your knowledge and see how well you do.  The answers will be included on my next article.  Snowboard Quiz:  Question:1) Ben & Jerry's has name an ice cream after an athlete for the first time, in honor of...?  2) 2006 snowboard halfpipe gold medalist Shaun White is nicknamed?  3) ___ has won the most Olympic medals in snowboard since the sport debuted in 1998.  4) Which of the following is not an Olympic snowboard competition, (a) Big Air (b) halfpipe (c) giant parallel slalom (d) snowboard cross?  5) The first Olympic snowboard gold medalist briefly lost his title after testing positive for...? 

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Check out the following website to keep track of all the Olympic events at:


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