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Olympic workout


Photo by Jbcurio

With all this talk of the Olympics one can only wonder how they maintain their physique. Well on second thought it should be pretty obvious, they train like there's no tomorrow. But not everyone has the time or money for Olympic training. It turns out to look like an Olympian doesn't require as much work or time as one would think. All one really needs is a little patience, a coach, a few weights, and two very intense workouts.

Olympic workouts are considered one of the best workouts. The Snatch and The Clean & Jerk are the only workouts that are considered as Olympic workouts. Nothing really compares when it comes to developing overall body strength and speed. Both exercises begin as dead lifts. From there one transitions into a shoulder shrug, jump squat, then ends in an overhead squat, this all being for the snatch. The Clean & Jerk continues in a front row, then front press, transitioning to a squat, and then ending in a pushes press. These motions are said to work every muscle in the entire body. It is much different than your average workouts that require simple motion, but only work a few select areas.

This workout is very good for those who don't have hours to spend in the gym, for cardio, and obviously for muscle. It isn't generally possible to over lift or put too much strain on your muscles because your entire body is involved in this exercise. The sets usually look like 5-4-3-2-1 and you add more weight as the reps lower. Olympic lifters burn almost as many calories as marathon runners.

Olympic lifting is a very technical workout. Many people have coaches to teach the very technical motions. A good way to begin would be simply isolating each transition in the workouts and practicing them independently. After learning each motion independently one can gradually building on to each workout consecutively. However, nothing beats learning from on trained in the Olympic workouts.

For more info: Stop by Gainesville Gym on 6th street by Santa Fe. There they have an area for Olympic workouts and you might run into a few people doing Olympic workouts. Also visit


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