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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic worker, athletes adopt Sochi dogs: How many Olympic dogs can be saved?

Olympic worker, athletes adopts Sochi dogs
Olympic worker, athletes adopts Sochi dogs
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Americans are looking to adopt the Sochi dogs found walking around the Olympic Village in Russia. There have been celebrities, like Cher and Miranda Lambert, who are speaking out about the welfare of the animals and there are athletes like Gus Kenworthy who keep focusing on the idea of taking dogs home after the Olympics. According to For the Win on Friday, the athlete is arranging for a litter of four puppies to return with him to the United States for adoption.

While thousands of people around the world are aware of the issue of the Sochi dogs, it's tough for many people to know what to do. Perhaps that is why the story of the Olympic worker who is bringing home a dog from Sochi is so heartwarming. Neil Dreher lives in Denver and has been working in Sochi for the past few weeks on the Olympic ceremonies. After seeing the canine, he decided to try to bring the dog home. Still in the process of getting all the essentials done, it appears the dog, named Fisht, is going to be on the way to his new home shortly.

Can all the dogs of Sochi be saved? Stories of the athletes have given people hope, but the realization of how few dogs can be moved without major expenses has people wondering if it is realistic. Some fans don’t even know where to start as the idea of moving an animal thousands of miles away sounds overwhelming. That’s not an obstacle for everyone and if you are looking for a place to start, try the PovoDog Facebook page. Check out the details on the steps offered on this KSDK article too. Nobody knows if all the dogs can be saved, but if you can save one that is a good start!