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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Women's Ski Jumping debuts; Olympic ski jump ramp grooves made of ice

Carina Vogt grabs the gold in Olympic Women's Ski Jumping
Carina Vogt grabs the gold in Olympic Women's Ski Jumping
Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Olympic Women’s Ski Jumping was the debut of another Sochi Olympic sport on Tuesday. The chance to see Olympic Ski Jumping with the men competing had viewers watching the Olympic sport years ago. It's amazing to see the athletes fly through the sky. However, the female competitors weren't so lucky until 2014. Now with the women looking for the best in the ski jumping world, it seems all eyes are in the air. According to NBC Sports on Tuesday, the Germany's Carina Vogt made history as the first women to win the women’s ski jumping.

While viewers were watching the athletes literally fly in the sky there was a certain curiosity about the Olympic ski ramp. The ski grooves seems to hold the skis in place and move the athlete down the ramp so fast it barely offers a moment to think. The athletes need to be emotionally prepared to ride the air once off the jump, but what is moving those skis so fast on the ramp?

According to Yahoo News that strip seen under the skis on the ski jump ramp is ice. Solid, cold and completely controlled. Once the skis touch the top of the ice the athlete glides down the ramp with nothing but a push and gravity.

Scary, eh?

The grooves are made of ceramic and a layer of ice 20 millimeters thick is on the top of this so it can be warm outside, but the ice is still cool and ready to ride. Offering a slick slope, the ski ramp isn't for amateurs. The skis travel down the track and at the end the athletes fly into the sky. Or crash. Thankfully nobody took a dive off the ramp in the competition on Tuesday.

The ladies proved in the debut of the Olympic Women's Ski Jumping they can handle the speed just fine!

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