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Olympic women's hockey team injury: Julie Chu’s left hand hurt

Julie Chu's hand was injured on Saturday
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Olympic women's hockey team takes the ice in the semifinal game on Monday and the fans are worried about Julie Chu. The oldest member of the hockey team left practice early on Saturday after it was revealed her left hand was hurt. According to NBC Olympics on Saturday, the athlete left the ice with her left glove off and her hand immobilized.

The Olympic women's hockey team definitely has been overlooked when the comparison is made to the men’s team. There isn't quite as much interest on the ice for the women and while the fact is disappointing, the fans don’t have the same expectations for the women’s team as the viewers do for the men’s team.

The status of the injury and exactly when the player was hurt is unknown. With Julie Chu’s hand in question, the fans will be monitoring the team closely as Team USA is the semifinals and are scheduled to play Sweden on Monday. Hopeful Chu will return to the game to compete and have the team will advance. The four-time Olympian has never won a gold medal and it would be nice to see her pick up some sparkling hardware the end of the 2014 Winter Games. This might be the last time the athlete plays in the Olympics so everyone is hoping she heals fast!

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