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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic women's hockey team has a dietitian? Team USA needs healthy food to win

Team USA is tough in Olympic women's hockey
Team USA is tough in Olympic women's hockey
Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The Olympic women's hockey team rolled over the Switzerland hockey team on Monday. The ladies took the ice and didn't give their competition a chance as the score was 9-0. Team USA looks like a powerhouse on the ice with serious focus, quick movements and some strength that hopefully will send the ladies to the podium. So what’s giving these women a competitive edge at the Sochi Olympics? According to the New York Times on Saturday, the team hired a dietitian to help maintain energy levels and put the health aspects of the women a priority.

When fans see the Team USA men’s hockey team pound the competition, it’s mostly by brute force (or so it looked like in Vancouver,) but the women appear to be using a more structured approach that includes conditioning and nutrition to win on the ice. In fact the team's secret weapon appears to be a dietitian.

Alicia Kingdig is the woman that makes sure each the women’s hockey team members has the right food. From breakfast to dinner, along with snacks in-between, this is the woman who decides what nutrition is necessary so when the women’ hit the ice they can smoke the competition. This includes snacks and choices of food high to give the athletes energy.

Usually in the Olympics the viewers hear about rigorous training and over the top gym time, but it’s rare to hear about a team getting a dietitian. Perhaps that’s because the idea is so basic and yet, brilliant. Giving the body the proper nutrients to function seems like something we should all know how to do, but then again everyone could benefit from a little guidance on what to eat healthier!