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Olympic win for Mulder brothers as Netherlands sweeps skating event

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As their proud parents watched, twin brothers Michel and Ronald Mulder helped propel the Netherlands to a sweep in the men's 500m speedskating event on Feb. 10, 2014 at the Sochi Olympics.

The 2014 Winter Olympics is the perfect family entertainment. Watching athletes compete to be the best in the world after a lifetime of hard work offers many teachable moments for parents.

One role of all parents is to offer encouragement to their children to work hard and do their best in everything. The Mulder twins are a wonderful example to share with your children.

Parents take delight in watching their children work toward their goals and reach for their dreams. The joy of the Mulder twins' parents is shared every day on a smaller scale by parents everywhere.

Competing in the Olympics is a dream for many young athletes. Winning a gold medal in the Olympics is the crowning achievement in any athlete's career.

The Mulder brothers, identical twins, began skating as young boys. Michel Mulder's bio states that his five older brothers took him to the ice rink and he liked it.

The mens's 500m speedskating event came down to the wire with a photo finish. Michel Mulder won with a combined time of 69.31 seconds from his two races.

As Michel Mulder finished the second race, he held his head in his hands. After Smeekens' second race, Mulder let out a shout of joy when the final results posted.

Jan Smeekens was in the lead following the first race and won the silver medal with a combined time from his two races of 69.32 seconds.

Ronald Mulder won the bronze medal with a combined time from his two races of 69.46 seconds. The Mulder brothers embraced before taking the platform with Smeekens as the Netherlands claimed their first gold medal ever in the men's 500m event.