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Olympic wardrobe malfunction; NBC viewers flashed online during water polo match

Olympic water polo
Olympic water polo

The London Olympics definitely have seen plenty of defeats and wins, but on Wednesday the first wardrobe malfunction was recorded so far and viewers who were watching NBC online could have actually seen it live. Watching online it appears that one athlete from the United States women’s water polo, who has been identified as Kami Craig grabbed another athlete, and pulled her swimsuit down intentionally to expose her during the game.

While it is completely unlikely that either athlete realized there was a camera 10 feet from their position, the sport itself is being exposed as fans say it is a common practice. In fact grabbing an opponent’s swimsuit and exposing them is so common that there are names including when grabbing the suit and the opponents butt is exposed is called a “white tailed deer.” Those watching at home could see the outline of the naked woman unless watching in HD, then the moment was completely exposed with everything showing at the London Olympics.

Obviously there is a lot more going on in the water than just playing polo and the fans of the United States versus Spain got an eyeful for sure. United States went on to tie Spain with a score of 9-9.