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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic wardrobe malfunction? Athlete’s thong seen under speedskating suit

Olympian Maki Tsuji on the speed skating track
Olympian Maki Tsuji on the speed skating track
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Olympic speed skating should be watched by fans willing to cheer on the Olympic athletes. While some fans will agree it is impossible to sit still for a speed skating match, there was one moment during the first run of the Olympic speedskating women's 500m that had everyone looking away. Why? The Japanese skater had what some would call a minor wardrobe malfunction. Everyone could see her thong underneath her clothing at the Winter Olympics. According to Fansided on Tuesday, the thong was noticed by everyone and clearly distracted the viewers.

Unfortunately looking straight on, the viewers could not only see the outline, but everything else. It was pretty awkward for everyone. Well, maybe not the Japanese speed skater as she didn't seem to mind the issue and waved to the crowd.

Most fans have come to realize that the speed skaters are looking for tight suits to help them move faster. No underwear or technically as little as possible, will be worn by the athletes. Perhaps that fact is better left to ponder than see as the moment one sees the thong, it becomes incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.

The moral of this story? If viewers are looking to see wardrobe malfunctions it is the Olympic speedskating to check out. Before this incident it was Olga Graf who unzipped her speed skating suit revealing skin down to her stomach. Her incident was a minor wardrobe malfunction as well, but she thankfully didn't flash anyone!