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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Village love: Dating app, condoms offer athletes a way to get cozy

Olympic Village is full of love
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

The Olympic athletes aren't focusing on their sport at all hours of the day in Sochi and it sounds like the competitors are using the down time for some private time. The latest news from the Sochi Olympic Village includes the new dating app that is being offered for all the athletes to get to know each other. According to Yahoo Sports on Wednesday, the athletes are finding love with a dating app called Tinder.

With so many athletes sharing such a small village, there are plenty of great guys (and gals) to choose from and the app gives a quick overview of who is available. As the stories of love at the Olympics always give off too many details, there is one detail that everyone will find available and that’s the condoms.

According to the Fourth Place Medal, there are 100,000 condoms available at the Sochi Olympics. So far only a few athletes have even claimed to have seen the small packages, but the large distribution has been documented.

Getting cozy in the Olympic Village isn't something that most athletes talk about, but since it’s almost Valentine’s Day it seems like the perfect way to find true love. Obviously, people are going to hook up and thanks to the Tinder, there can be a quick process to prowl for the perfect mate. Sounds like there will be a few people having a happy Valentine's Day in Sochi!

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