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Olympic Twizzle? Meryl Davis, Charlie White use Ice Dance move (photos, video)

What is an Olympic Twizzle? This new Olympic term had people turning their heads when watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate in Sochi on Sunday. The couple have beautiful footwork and offered up the move on the ice for all to see. The American athletes weren't the only ones who had a Twizzle move on the Sochi ice and fans were thrilled to see these moments too. While it’s a common word for figure skater, the fans were checking online and referencing dictionaries for this term and there wasn't much to reference. According to The Wire on Friday, the Twizzle is popular with Meryl and Charlie as it brings high scores for the twizzle sequence in their routine..

Meryl Davis, Charlie White perform at the Olympic Ice Dance competition at Sochi Olympics
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

So what is a twizzle? It is when a skater executes a one-foot turn while moving across the ice, however it must be a continuous turning movement as the skater glides across the ice. The skate movement is required, as it distinguishes a twizzle from a stationary spin. Or even a series of turns.

Mostly used for ice dance, it’s not often seen in figure skating competition. The Twizzle was highlighted on Sunday night as the Olympic ice dance competition continues. Of course knowing what the announcers are talking about with these moves always makes the audience feel smarter.

Just to be clear this twizzle move has nothing to do with the red rope licorice candy. For the record that is a Twizzler. It tastes good but has nothing to do with the Olympics. Unless that’s what you are eating watching the competition.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Meryl Davis and Charlie White perform in Sochi on Sunday. Check out the video too, it gives the exact definition of the Twizzle and shares how the skate must move to be perfect!

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