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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic toilet humor? Sochi's bathroom signs forbid fishing, puking in toilets

Sochi toilet sign
Sebastien Toutant/Twitter

Rules about the bathrooms in Sochi, Russia have once again given Olympic fans some fascinating toilet humor. The latest is from Sebastien Toutant who is an Olympic athlete currently in Sochi ready to compete. Sharing a sign he found on the bathroom wall, many fans are going to be asking why someone might fish in a toilet. According to Mashable on Monday, it’s another strange find in the bathrooms of Russia.

The sign is actually six small panels showing how to use the toilet. While some of the panels are self-explanatory, what has everyone amazed is the fishing pole concept. With a person holding a fishing rod, the panel distinctively prohibits use of catching anything in the toilet.

Another prohibited use? Puking. The idea of leaning over the side of the toilet is strictly prohibited. That's right a person isn't allowed to heave their guts out in Russia by clinging to the side of the throne. The funny image actually has a red mark across the image to let users know it is unacceptable. Where to puking people go in Russia? The sign doesn't offer any alternatives, but it is safe to assume people just use a trash can.

Olympic fans are finding the toilet humor in Sochi quite captivating. It’s not so much about the toilets as it is where the items are placed and how signs are needed to use the toilets correctly.

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