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Olympic Time Family Fun

Vancouver- Home of 2010 Olympics
Vancouver- Home of 2010 Olympics image

It isn't every year that the Olympics happen, especially the Winter Olympics. They are coming February 12th through the 28th to a TV screen near you!

Maybe it is because we don't get snow here that often in Texas, but watching the athletes swish down the slopes or spin and dance gracefully across the ice glues us to the TV. How much more exciting with them being in Vancouver this year. The events are only one hour ahead of us here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. No having delayed events or muting the Evening News if you do not want to hear the scores. No staying up to wee hours peering at obscure cable channels. No red-eyed yawns all the next day.

So, why not invite your friends over for a Opening Ceremony get together. Or if you live with your kids and grandkids (or they live with you), make it a fun family night. Here are some suggestions.

In a hat, place pieces of paper with the names of lesser well known countries and a few interesting facts about them. Let each person draw a name. When their country's flag enters the stadium, have them read out loud about that country to the others.

Have an international cuisine. If you are inviting friends, ask them to bring a dish from their heritage. If watching with family, serve tacos, pizza rolls, pretzels, egg rolls, British chips, Swiss cheese, grapes, baklava(and the Pepto Bismol).

Have the grandkids draw flags from different countries. Laminate them and use them as placemats. Keep using them at family meals during the Olympics.

Of course, have your own flag ceremony. Wave the Stars and Stripes proudly during the games and support the USA.

The Olympics offer great lessons in sportsmanship(or not)as well as learning to respect other cultures. Watching the judging can also be a lesson in the "life is not always fair" category, as well as "judges are human, too" one. That is one we all need a refresher on every once and a while.


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