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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Team figure skating: Jeremy Abbott’s fall puts Team USA at 7th place

Jeremy Abbott falls during Olympic team figure skating
Jeremy Abbott falls during Olympic team figure skating
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Jeremy Abbott was Team USA’s first skater on Thursday for the Olympic team competition and when he hit the ice he fell hard. After the men’s short program it was Team USA in seventh place and looking wounded. The Olympic figure skating debut had America wincing when Jeremy Abbott fell on the ice as it looked like a brutal fall. According to the Washington Post on Thursday, the athlete fell on his opening quadruple toe loop and slid into the wall.

Once he fell, it seemed like Abbott gave up. The athlete really had high hopes, but it an instant those hopes seemed dashed. The fans in the arena started clapping to offer support, but the figure skater seemed to immediately become focused on the fall. The lack of energy had people wondering about his confidence and it’s likely the figure skating judges saw this too.

While Team USA is in seventh place for the first event of the figure skating’s inaugural Olympic team competition, there will be more to come. The pair skating is expected to be in America’s favor and so are the ladies. Hopefully the next athlete who hits the ice for Team USA can pick up the pace. Or at least complete the program without falling.