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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Team Figure Skating has a ‘Team Box’; teammates to cheer in Sochi

Team Boxes are part of the new Olympic team figure skating
Twitter/U.S. Figure Skating

The debut of Olympic team figure skating has fans checking out the new sport at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. The athletes are getting used to the idea of coming together for a medal instead of being solo on the ice, the fans are working out the differences too. According to CBS on Tuesday, the idea of cheering on other athletes might be a little strange to someone like Ashley Wagner who is a self-described vicious competitor.

The fans will notice that each figure skating team will have a team box, so when the scores are read, the athlete and his fellow competitors are together for a moment. The team box will also be seen by the fans as the team members are watching every move on the ice.

“Each of the 10 nations competing will have their own "Team Box" to cheer on their teammates” tweeted the official account of U.S. Figure Skating. Sharing a peek at the sidelines, it’s obvious this new attraction will give fans a chance to see the response of the team as well as the athlete competing.

The Olympic team figure skating definitely has potential for the viewers. Giving people a chance to check out the best of the teams and offering a look at sizing up the competition before the actual individual sport is a great idea. Plus it shows a team attitude that is rarely seen on the ice for figure skating during competitions. Sometimes being a vicious competitor and not a team player isn't always fun to watch. Then again Olympic figure skating is always intriguing!

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