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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic stray dogs and Milwaukee

The stray dog problem that exists in Sochi, Russia accelerated as the Olympic village was completed. The dogs were found throughout the complex and the authorities decided to set out poison to control the population.

The local residents were appalled at the decision. Since there was no way to avoid an encounter with a stray dog the citizens of Sochi witnessed countless cruel and agonizing deaths. The area animal rights organization was up in arms at this action.

Sochi veterinarians rounded up the strays in the complex, gave them a check-up and released the healthy canines. A new shelter was recently opened to accommodate the dogs.

Many of the Olympians took action as well. One American team member has taken responsibility of four puppies.

Here in Milwaukee there was much the same problem until Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) was established. In the first year of operation they rescued more than 13,500 animals.

The people of Sochi are on the right path. Like Milwaukee, their feral dog situation will be under control in the not so distant future.

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