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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic speedskaters are naked under suits? Russian speedskater shows skin

Olga Graf shows a little skin after winning Bronze in women’s 3,000 meters
Olga Graf shows a little skin after winning Bronze in women’s 3,000 meters
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Olympic speedskating is a fast sport and to make the body move faster many (or perhaps all) the athletes don’t wear anything under the suit. Apparently this means no underwear, socks or anything else. Think this is a joke? Well, Russian speedskater Olga Graf won the bronze medal for the women’s 3,000 meters at the Winter Games and took a victory lap with her suit zipped down. According to the Washington Post on Sunday, the athlete didn't show anything except a little skin, but she was embarrassed because she forget she was naked.

The decision of the Russian speedskater gives fans a view at how every piece of Olympic equipment needs to be perfect. Apparently this includes the form fitting speedskating suit. In fact the suit was so tight that the audience watching the star live didn’t even get to see anything but a little skin as the materials hugged the athlete.

As for the idea of Olympic athletes being naked under their outfits, well it’s making social media light up like a Christmas tree. Fans get so excited on what it take physically to be the best that some are forgetting that it means reducing every ounce of extra weight for a good speed. Apparently that includes leaving off the underwear too!