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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic skier’s pants fall off? Wardrobe malfunction moons Sochi fans (photos)

Olympic wardrobe malfunctions can happen anywhere. Frankly, the Winter Games aren't safe for fans looking to shy away from seeing underwear (or less.) On the slopes hosting the Olympics there are a few skiers who wear baggy pants and when you add air, there is going to be some serious issues with pants falling down. According to ABC News on Thursday, 22-year-old Swedish slopestyle skier Henrik Harlaut had his pants around his knees when he hit the snow after flying in the air.

Olympic skier Henrik Harlaut has a wardrobe malfunction and it happened in front of Sochi spectators.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Not to worry, the fans got a covered moon, but it still has people giggling. The skier is known to wear baggy pants and sometimes it reveals too much. It's obvious that Harlaut is focused more on his run and less on where his pants are hanging.

The Olympic wardrobe malfunctions are humorous in a way. The spectators come from around the world to watch the athletes compete and like on Thursday they get to see someone fly through the sky as their trousers come off. Other Olympic malfunctions included the speedskater who zipped down her suit only to reveal skin on a victory lap and the other speedskater who had a thong on (and the only reason the world knew was everyone could see it under the suit.)

Olympic athletes come to the Winter Games to compete. If they get a little extra ink for wardrobe malfunctions, that definitely can’t hurt their brand as more people will discover their talents. Well, hopefully that is the case as it works well in Hollywood. So why not in Sochi?

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Henrik Harlaut's Olympic run. The pictures are safe for work as the athlete decided not to go commando!

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