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Olympic ski champ Bode Miller backs ReXist360 resistance training system

Olympic gold medalist skier Bode Miller was named an equity shareholder and brand spokesman for the ReXist360 resistance training system.

Olympic ski champ Bode Miller backs ReXist360 resistance training system.
Alex Boichard/Getty Images

Miller, a four-time world champion alpine skier, and his wife, pro beach volleyball player, Morgan Beck Miller, will appear in national media campaigns discussing the importance of low-impact resistance training.

Bode is a longtime user of ReXist360 resistance bands, which he credits for maintaining his strength.

“As a ski racer, I see a lot of younger athletes with bulky muscles from weight lifting, potentially slowing their speed,” said Miller.

“When it comes to speed you need lean, strong muscles. ReXist360 resistance system builds functional muscle and strength and also addresses the flexibility of muscles protecting the fascia and preventing injuries like muscle and ligament tears. ReXist360 is a unique tool for every athlete and every sport.”

Miller's wife, Morgan, uses the ReXist360 training bands as part of her daily workout regimen. “These bands give me comfortable, challenging resistance while I work on the intense plyometric exercises that get me in great shape for the volleyball season," said Morgan. "Bode and I don’t travel without them.”

For more information on ReXist360, check out their website.

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