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Olympic sized workouts in the boutique fitness scene

The Olympics provide a fun moment in time for us because watching the best of the best athletes compete in their sports inspires us to want to push harder, get stronger, feel more fit, and strive for something greater. Watching them achieve such an honor makes us all feel like underachievers. While admiration only goes so far, there are plenty of classes that offer conditioning programs to train like an athlete not to mention a legit sweat session. No need to wait any longer... get sweating!

Here are some studios across the US that offer an "Olympic-sized" workout:

Exceed Physical Culture (NYC) – Check out the BeOn Total Body for 50 minutes of “sweat crying”

As 1 (NYC) – Most of their As One Effect classes offer interval training between cardio and strength. Get ready to experience the Jacob’s Ladder!

Burn60 (LA) – We’re thinking that the Burn Out 45 is enough to get you WAY out of your comfort zone. Between Kettlebells, TRX, Weighted balls, and plenty of resistance bands, there isn’t a single excuse to NOT work hard.

Circuit Works (LA) – Offers an Interval/Circuit Training workout combination that changes weekly. Experience creative cardio routines combined with resistance tubing, free weights and stabilization exercises.

Barry’s Bootcamp (Boston) – New to the Boston scene … this popular west coast workout is making its way all over the US. The classes concentrate on different body parts each day of the week with a full body focus on the weekends. During class you rotate between cardio (treadmills) and strength moves - certainly a recipe for a sweat fest + calorie burning.

Sweat on State (Chi) – You never know what to expect! The workouts change daily and offer lightweight high rep exercises, gymnastic movements, functional training, tabata training, and cardio with innovative equipment such as concept 2 rowers.

Shred 415 (Chi) – This class format alternates between treadmill training and HIT interval strength exercises to “shred” your way to a strong body. You’ll experience pushups, burpees, squats – more than you could have dreamed of!

Love these studios? Write a review on FitMapped! If you frequent boutique studios, set up your free profile on Sweat Sync, a social platform for fitness enthusiasts.

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