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Olympic sized noodle bowls at Olympic Noodle


Free parking, massive bowls of noodles, enough kimchi to last several dinners, and prompt service. Doesn’t that sound good? Welcome to Olympic Noodle.


Ring the bell conveniently attached to the wall near your table, and don’t bother hesitating to point at menu items to communicate with your server, who may not speak English.

The noodles are kal-guk-soo, home-made knife-cut creations. One order is enough for two people, and the base (noodles and broth) is about the same no matter which concoction takes your fancy. Toppings range from anchovies to chicken. Each order comes with a huge pot of kimchi, which was milder than I expected, and thus, far easier to consume in larger quantities than its spicier variations.

The mandoo arrive in a hefty platter of 12 pieces, stuffed within an inch of their lives with pork and chives. No match for my favourite mandoo of all time, which is unfortunately several thousand miles away in New York, at Mandoo Bar, but very fulfilling all the same.

This is a spot for a comfortable weekday dinner or a post-exam lunch. Prices range between $8 and $12, so comfortable applies to your wallet too.

Word of warning -the tacky decor and ‘B’ sanitation rating could potentially disrupt all this comfort I’m setting you up for. Fake trees adorn every possible wall and loom from every corner, and there’s a television set protruding from one wall. If the ‘B’ rating disrupts your comfort otherwise, well, that’s the way the kimchi ferments!


4008 W Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90019

Telephone: 323 931 0007

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.



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