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Olympic Rings moment in Sochi; Closing Ceremony pokes fun at ring malfunction

Olympic rings seen at Olympics Closing Ceremony
Olympic rings seen at Olympics Closing Ceremony
Sochi Olympics/Twitter

The Sochi Olympics infamous Opening Ceremony gaffe had the world talking about the Olympic rings malfunction. Don’t be surprised if the world is talking about it again on Sunday, but this time the viewers will be laughing. During the Closing Ceremony, the Olympic rings didn't open again, but this time it was on purpose. According to For the Win on Sunday, it was the Russian’s way to poke fun at themselves.

The particular moment wasn't with a big digital sign, but seen on the floor of the Fisht Olympic Stadium. The fans were watching closely as all five rings were to come together. Well, only four and a snowflake did and yes, it was on purpose. Reminded everyone what happened at the Opening Ceremony, it was a moment that nobody watching at home expected.

Poking fun at themselves, the Russians offered a good laugh and a reminder that mistakes happen, even at the biggest events of the world! While the fifth ring performance had the world talking, it also offered a chance to discover Sochi in a very unique way.

Who knew the Russians had such a great sense of humor? That was an epic moment that the world laughed with Sochi!