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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Ring malfunction at Sochi Opening Ceremony not seen on Russian TV

Olympic Rings malfunction
Olympic Rings malfunction
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Olympic Ring fail at the Sochi Opening Ceremony wasn't seen by Russia on Friday during the airing of the kick off of the Winter Olympics. While fans from around the world watched and tried to understand what happened to the fifth ring that didn't work right, the ring malfunction wasn't seen in Russia as rehearsal footage was shown when the fifth ring started having trouble. According to the Huffington Post on Friday, the cutaway to the rehearsal footage was the answer for Russia not to show their people the issue and refrain from embarrassment.

The ring malfunction obviously was a minor issue, but glaring to everyone watching live. Only four of the five rings materialized in the opening scene. The moment was to have the five rings join together and erupt with planned fireworks, but one snowflake never expanded, so the fireworks never went off.

While the Olympic Ring fail is a minor glitch compared to other serious issues facing Sochi, it is the latest concern people have about the Russian government’s decision about human rights and controlling what the population sees online and on television.

The Olympic Ring malfunction reminds everyone that even during a big production there can be minor problems. As viewers around the world watched, everyone realize this was the only major issue for the Opening Ceremony and that is quite amazing as the event was over three hours long.