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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic pick-up lines? Jimmy Fallon asks Twitter for a romantic Olympic opening

Olympic pick-up lines
Olympic pick-up lines
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

An Olympian walked into a bar and the first thing one might want to do is say hello. So what’s the pick-up line? It appeared that Twitter on Monday was working out some of the best pick-up lines for starting a conversation with an Olympic athlete from the Winter Games and there were some pretty interesting ideas floating on social media. According to Yahoo Sports, the idea of asking for pick-up lines was from Jimmy Fallon who encouraged people to use a hashtag to share what they would say.

“Let's play the hashtag game! Tweet out a pickup line you'd hear at the Olympics and tag with #OlympicPickupLines. Could be on TV!” tweeted Jimmy Fallon on Monday from his official Twitter account.

In the world of Twitter hashtags come and go, but this idea lingered for hours. People from every walk of life seemed to be excited to participate as there were so many ideas. From Sochi problems to sport specific, the idea was solid gold.

Our favorite? Well there were plenty to choose from but it would have to be from Abby Ho and her focus on the original (and not some sappy romantic) pick-up line.

#olympicpickuplines My hotel room has a functioning toilet.

Whatever the Olympic pick-up lines used on the athletes in Sochi, it’s safe to say they probably have heard them all before. Being an Olympic athlete offers plenty of exposure and people tend to gravitate to the more ridiculous lines that probably wouldn’t be used in everyday bars.

What’s not to love about a romantic Olympic opening? Especially if one is going for the gold!

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