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Olympic Park tragedy underscores guns in parks issue


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Well, Congressman Norm Dicks doesn't believe that guns should be carried in National Parks. And this tragedy is in his district. Oh, and there is an election in less than two weeks to suggest his position is wrong, in some cases, dead wrong.

  • Profile picture of riverworld
    riverworld 5 years ago

    Well stated article. I will be figuring out how to make accessable at least a .357 for my daughter and I on backpacking trips. We plan well, but we have never carried.

  • Don B 5 years ago

    Excellent article.


  • Kelly Jarboe 5 years ago

    It is always a shame when a tragedy such as this happens, and especially when a Life is lost, some will say He should not have been there, others will wonder what the Man did to provoke the Animal into his Attack, because these people do not know or understand a basic fact, animals are wild and should be seen from a safe distance. My only question is why if the Park Rangers knew this animal was a suspected problem and had posed a threat to people why the animal was not moved off into a distant area away from the People and trails used by them. If fault were to be laid at anyone’s doorstep I would have to lay it on the doorstep of the Park Rangers Leadership for ignoring a potential Threat.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    The law only allows carrying loaded weapons in National Parks in Washington, it is still illegal to remove a gun from its holster or backpack and more so to actually use it. Those rules weren't legalized in the bill allowing the open carry. And it is still illegal to kill wildlife in a National Park in Washington under any circumstances, inlcudling self-defense.

    Also, the NPS rangers did not know this particular goat was agressive, they're conducting test on it now to determine possible causes, but they have known as many hikers have known that some goats in the Olympic NP are agressive and should be avoided. Obviously this hiker didn't heed the advice or warnings. He could have simply watched and left the area.

    Remember we're the visitors, not the wildlife, so the threat isn't them but us and guns don't change that.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Oh, that's it, blame the dead guy for getting himself killed.
    You obviously have no concept of the self-defense laws in Washington state. Don't know where you are getting your information, but it is legal to shoot in self-defense.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Wait a minute here. I paid for this park with my tax dollars and I'm NOT some "visitor" with no rights. The imported goats are there with tolerance or they can face removal. This crap about humans being interlopers in nature's space is a lot of BS. Open the hunting season and let the harvesting begin.

    I wonder if Rep. Norm Dicks ever camped in this national park since he became a congressman? I'd like to introduce him to a bear or two...

  • Robert B 5 years ago

    I have backpacked in Olypic National Park and since the laws have changed to allow lawabiding citizens to carry firearms in said park I have exercised that right. I had a freind with me last year while hiking who said "why do you want to take a gun man?" he conceeded after a day and night in the backcountry that it was not a bad itdea and siad he felt safer with me having it the rest of the trip. I would encourage all to stand up for their rights even if they choose not to exercise them.

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