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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Parade of Nations seems off? Russian alphabet used at Opening Ceremony

Olympic Parade of nations
Olympic Parade of nations
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The Olympics Opening Ceremony had fans watching the Parade of Nations on Friday and wondering why some of the countries did not seem to be in alphabetical order. As the fans around the world watched the Winter Games presentation and debated, it was obvious that some fans didn't realize that the Russian alphabet was used to showcase the participating countries. According to Fansided on Friday, this would mean the United States would come before Chile, which seems rather odd to individuals who don’t know the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet. Apparently that misunderstanding included most of the world as Twitter trended the Parade of Nations debate while the athletes were marching.

The tradition of the Parade of Nations is the first country to enter is Greece and the final country is the host country. In-between there is plenty of room for leeway on how the host country wishes to introduce the world. At Sochi it was decided to use the Russian Cyrillic alphabet as a way to embrace the country delegates and people enjoyed the opportunity see the countries in a different. Of course that was after viewers understood why the Parade of Nations was lined up that way.

Here are the list of countries at the Sochi Olympics and the order that the countries were introduced during the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremony:

1 Greece
2 Australia
3 Austria
4 Azerbaijan
5 Albania
6 Andorra
7 Argentina
8 Armenia
9 Belarus
10 Belgium
11 Bermuda
12 Bulgaria
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina
14 Brazil
15 British Virgin Islands
16 Great Britain
17 Hungary
18 Venezuela
19 Virgin Islands
20 Timor-Leste
21 Germany
22 Hong Kong, China
23 Georgia
24 Denmark
25 Dominica
26 Zimbabwe
27 Israel
28 Islamic Republic of Iran
29 Ireland
30 Iceland
31 Spain
32 Italy
33 Kazakhstan
34 Cayman Islands
35 Canada
36 Cyprus
37 Kyrgyzstan
38 People’s Republic of China
39 Republic of Korea
40 Latvia
41 Lebanon
42 Lithuania
43 Liechtenstein
44 Luxembourg
45 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
46 Malta
47 Morocco
48 Mexico
49 Republic of Moldova
50 Monaco
51 Mongolia
52 Individual Olympic Athletes
53 Nepal
54 Netherlands
55 New Zealand
56 Norway
57 Pakistan
58 Paraguay
59 Peru
60 Poland
61 Portugal
62 Romania
63 San Marino
64 Serbia
65 Slovakia
66 Slovenia
67 United States of America
68 Tajikistan
69 Thailand
70 Chinese Taipei
71 Togo
72 Tonga
73 Turkey
74 Uzbekistan
75 Ukraine
76 Philippines
77 Finland
78 France
79 Croatia
80 Montenegro
81 Czech Republic
82 Chile
83 Switzerland
84 Sweden
85 Estonia
86 Jamaica
87 Japan
88 Russian Federation

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