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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic mustache offers luck for female athlete? Snowboarder wins gold (photos)

Olympic mustaches do bring luck! The idea of painting a mustache on your face before an Olympic competition might be a bit much for good luck, but it worked for Eva Samkova of the Czech Republic. On Sunday the snowboarder painted on her mustache and came flying down the mountain on her snowboard confident as ever. According to the Sochi Olympics, she won the gold on Sunday for the Ladies' Snowboard Cross competition.

Eva Samkova showcases her mustache at the Sochi Olympics
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Obviously her style and focus is great, but what about this mustache drawn on her face for the competition? According to NBC Sports on Sunday, the athlete has a mustache painted on above her upper lip before every competition. Showing someone from her team applying the facial hair, it appears that she gets her focus by the ritual and people watching get a good laugh.

The mustache isn't just drawn on her face randomly. The design is well thought out and there are stencils involved. Once a style is decided upon, the hair is drawn on with colored pencils. Way before the competition Samkova even asks her teammates for suggestions on styles and looks so every competition she looks different.

Take a look at Eva Samkova on Sunday at the the Ladies' Snowboard Cross competition and check out her mustache. She won the gold so it’s obvious her ritual prior to an event works for her to win!

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