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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic men's hockey shocker: Russia loses to Finland in quarterfinals

Russia reacts after Finland defeated Russia 3-1
Russia reacts after Finland defeated Russia 3-1
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Olympic men’s hockey always has an upset or two, but viewers of the sport thought that Russia would be in the tournament for a little while longer. Apparently that won’t be the case as the Russians are out of luck when it comes to the gold. According to USA Today on Wednesday, Finland stunned the pro-Russia crowd with a 3-1 win that knocks Russia out of medal contention.

Even USA hockey fans were surprised at the results. After a strong (yet losing) game against America, the Russians seemed tough and possible medal contention. Of course, Finland obviously didn’t see it that way. Looking ahead, Finland has never won the Olympic hockey gold medal, but in 2014 they are one step closer.

There will be not be much rest for the Finland hockey team. They go back to the ice on Friday for a semifinal game in hopes to advance once again. The team will now face Sweden in Friday's semifinal. The showdown between the two counties might be one of the best matches in Olympic hockey. Both countries have something to prove and both play to battle hard on the ice.

So who will advance in the semifinal? It seems like Finland has a better chance, but then again Sweden has some great players on the ice too!