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Olympic men’s figure skating faces: Odd athlete expressions on ice (9 photos)

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The Olympic figure skating programs continued on Friday with the men taking the ice in Sochi for another round of skating. This time it was for the honor of a medal and the men took their job on the ice very seriously. According to Bleacher Report on Friday, it was Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu that won gold, Canada's Patrick Chan took silver and Kazakhstan's Denis Ten got the bronze. While American skater Jason Brown was solid on the ice, he was only in the top ten rankings when the competition was over.

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Watching the event in Sochi the fans might have noticed just how serious the athletes looked on the ice. Of course figure skating is about the technique on the ice and the spins, twirls and jumps, but there was more. Often the facial expressions are part of the routine too

Capturing a second in time that might have slipped by on television, the Olympic photographers were grabbing images of the routine on the ice. It’s fair to suggest that a few of the images shot showcase some not so serious milliseconds on the Olympic ice. The athletes were as serious as could be in their programs, but their faces just did not show it. Instead there were some contorted faces, a few strained looks and even a look of shock.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympic men’s figure skating faces on Friday. Some are absolutely hilarious, but all are odd when it comes to the Olympics!