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Olympic medals and metals

We love our metals right now! We love gold, silver and bronze (copper). The metals are everywhere from buttons to chains, necklaces, bracelets and rings. We are accessorizing with them wherever we can. Also, with Valentine's Day having just passed, some of us are sporting more flashy metals.

It seems quite apropos that we are flashing our metals as our USA Olympic teams are in Sochi striving to bring home Olympic medals of their own. Maybe, the more metals that we adorn, another USA Olympian will adorn another medal themselves and take their place on the podium.

The Olympics are very exciting and honoring a tradition that has lasted centuries the world over. There are not many things that bring the entire world together to support and love one another like the Olympics. Let us all celebrate the hopes and dreams of hardworking and dedicated athletes everywhere. We are so proud of all of our Olympic athletes that we wish medals for you all. Let's hear it for gold, silver and bronze!

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