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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Jamaican bobsledder team's dream ruined in Sochi? Equipment missing

Jamaican bobsledders
Jamaican bobsledders
Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

The Jamaican bobsledders arrived in Sochi for the Winter Games. The team knows they are underdogs when it comes to bobsledding, but that hasn't stopped the athletes on their journey. According to the USA Today on Wednesday, what has stopped the team is the lack of equipment. When the Jamaican team arrived they got to Sochi safely on Tuesday night, but their equipment did not.

Apparently the team is missing everything. The runners (also called blades), shoes and other gear to make the track hadn't arrived as of Tuesday night and that means the team can’t practice on the course Wednesday with their own equipment. The issue is serious as the team has never used this course before and needs to make a few practice runs to make sure they are ready to compete. Hopefully the equipment arrives later Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

However, thanks to their competitors, the answer to practicing for the Jamaican bobsledded team might be borrowing some equipment from other athletes for the afternoon. That way they could check out the course and still wait for the equipment. It seems that the Jamaican bobsledders have found their way to the Olympics, but a new challenge has been presented. Everyone hopes the team makes it past this obstacle too.