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Olympic Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win silver in Sochi (photos)

Olympic Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win silver
Olympic Ice Dance: Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win silver
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In Olympic ice dance the battle for first place was heating up the ice in Sochi. After Meryl Davis and Charlie White kicked up the competition on Sunday with a world record score, it appears their rivals heard the call of competition. On Monday during the pairs free skate portion of the competition, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir scored a world record in the free dance. Getting the score of 114.66 on Monday, it propelled the couple to a podium position with a total score of 190.99. However that score wasn't quite enough as the couple was edged out of the gold medal by their American competitors.

The free skate performance of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir was virtually flawless. The balance of dance and skating was effortless and the twizzle portion of the program was perfect too. While the crowd didn't seem as involved in the program as when the Russian athletes was on the ice, once the score was revealed to the world, it appeared that fans knew they watched an ice dance program that will get a medal.

The battle between the power pairs has brought the Olympic ice dance competition into the spotlight. The Olympic fans know it is a must watch competition. Offering a chance to see the intensity of ice dance there are few sports that have two competitors intensely trying for the gold that have the same coach.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skating on Monday. Both of the Canadian’s ice dance programs were beautiful, but it was the free skate that was the best performance!