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Olympic ice dance: Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold in Sochi (photos)

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Olympic ice dance fans watched in delight as Meryl Davis and Charlie White bring home the gold on Monday. The pair was the final athletes to take the ice in Sochi for the competition. After the performance of a lifetime it was pretty obvious the couple was going to come home with the Olympic gold. According to the Sochi Olympics, the final score for the couple was 195.52 at the end of the event. According to Yahoo News on Monday, the score was strong enough to edge out Canadian pair, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for the gold medal.

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The performance of the free skate program of Meryl Davis and Charlie White was brilliant. It looked like the pair was floating on air as they effortlessly moved around the ice. Add all the ice dance elements like the twizzle sequence and the perfect holds and everyone wished the free skate program would never stop.

While the moment could have been scrutinized, there was little to pick apart after the pair left the ice. The rotations were in perfect unison, the facial expressions were spot on and the momentum on the ice was absolutely brilliant. It was so obvious to viewers watching at home that the American skaters had just won the Olympic gold medal that cheering was heard across the United States.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold. It was a tough battle on the ice and the competitors skated their hearts out for America. This is the first Olympic gold medal for USA in ice dancing. Go Team USA!