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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic ice dance: Marina Zoueva coaches Canada, USA pairs in Detroit

Marina Zoueva greets Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Marina Zoueva greets Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Olympic ice dancing pair Meryl Davis and Charlie White took the podium for the gold medal and the US ice dancing pair couldn't have been happier on Monday. Then the Canadian pair of athletes took the podium for the silver. Tessa Virtue along with Scott Moir waved to the crowd. Behind the athletes at the Olympic venue was one woman who smiled from ear to ear. It was ice dance coach Marina Zoueva who coaches both pairs. According to NBC Olympics on Monday the coach was in the building and delighted when the pairs picked up the Olympic medals.

Who is Marina Zoueva? The Russian coach is good at making winners with pairs who ice dance. Based in Detroit, the woman has a reputation of making ice dance pairs into winners. She coaches the pairs and she decides on the choreography too. No doubt her four most well-known athletes were on display at the Sochi podium on Monday.

The odd combination of having one coach for two different pairs is difficult for some viewers to grasp. Many feel the similarities might be felt in the programs seen on the ice, but it’s not true. When watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate compared to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir it feels like an entirely different program. Even the designs of the costumes are different.

While the athletes took home medals in Sochi for the Olympic ice dance competition, it was Marina Zoueva who walked away a huge winner. Some Olympic coaches help athletes achieve wins over a competition, but it certainly is amazing that one coach helped two teams and both pairs take home medals.