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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic homework? Polina Edmunds' teachers sent homework to Sochi

Polina Edmunds has to do homework while in Sochi
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Polina Edmunds won’t be partying when she isn’t practicing at the Olympics. The figure skater who is going for the gold has to be excited for the opportunity, but fans agree that the 3-weeks of homework she has to do sounds like a bummer. According to NBC Sports on Sunday, the student at Archbishop Mitty High School won’t be behind when she returns home as her teachers thoughtfully sent all her homework along.

Making sure the student keeps up on her grades, there appears to be plenty of time to focus on the Olympic figure skating routine and then Edmunds must get back to her school work. Hopefully the athlete will have a chance to check out a few of the perks that comes with going to Sochi, but it might be tough as she does have a responsibility to do well in the Olympic competition and study.

The Olympic figure skater got a wonderful send off from her school when she left San Jose. Polina's classmates came together to wish her well and send her off to Russia. While the athlete has only been in Sochi for a few days, she appears ready for the chance to show the world what she has on the ice. Of course behind the scenes, after her figure skating practice is over, the athlete is probably working on math problems and learning about science. Team USA definitely has to be excited for an athlete who is talented and smart!

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