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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey will change in 2018 for Team USA? NHL players might not return

Olympic hockey might change in 2018 for Team USA?
Olympic hockey might change in 2018 for Team USA?
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Enjoy Olympic hockey to the fullest at the 2014 Sochi Olympics as rules might change for Team USA in 2018. The fans are getting ready for an epic showdown of the men’s Olympic hockey team, but how the team might come together after Sochi has viewers pondering if there is any medal potential after 2014. According to Bleacher Report on Wednesday, the NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, has said nothing is set in stone for 2018 when it comes to the pros returning to the Olympic ice.

No professional hockey players at the Olympics sounds like sudden death to the viewers who love the Olympic sport. The participation of the NHL players really cranks up the viewership for the Olympics. Plus who else could handle competing against the Canadians and Russian teams? Viewers want the top players in the games as it makes sense, but there are some reservations by the National Hockey League.

Apparently the Olympic break is always an obstacle for the hockey league. Showing a little red, white and blue pride for Team USA is cutting into the green of the hockey business Add that the risk of injury to athletes is higher. Technically the guys are competing for a medal, which it sounds a bit more like pride than a day job.

Whatever the decision of 2018, at the moment it doesn't matter. When the hockey sticks are on the ice in Sochi the hockey players will go at it at full speed. Risking injury, teeth and whatever else that might be needed for Team USA to win. Since the Olympic participation is questionable in four years, Team USA needs to bring home the gold!