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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey: Vladimir Putin discusses Russian disallowed goal during USA game

Vladimir Putin weighs in on Russian disallowed goal
Vladimir Putin weighs in on Russian disallowed goal
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The USA hockey win over the Russian team at the Winter Games has caused some turmoil in Russia. On Monday Vladimir Putin discussed the hockey game lost by Russia. As most US fans are surprised about the hoopla as it has been three days since the game, it seems the Russians are still very upset. Apparently even Russian President Vladimir Putin has something to say about the game. According to NBC Sports on Tuesday the president talked about the game and gave everyone the impression he isn't as angered as some of the fans.

“You and I shouldn't forget that sport isn't only about skill but also about the athletes’ courage, and even a good slice of luck,” said Vladimir Putin about the Olympic Game. The comments come after Russians have been protesting in front of the American Embassy about the decision of the referees on a disallowed goal.

The president did note that “referees sometimes make mistakes,” but it was unclear if he was discussing Olympic hockey referees or the particular referees who officiated in the USA vs. Russian game in question.

Russia’s disallowed goal in their game against Team USA on Saturday has many Russian fans upset. The issue was the net and some Russian fans alleged that the net was bumped by the USA goalie. And pretty much everyone in Russia feels the Russians should have been allowed to keep the goal in the score.

Olympic hockey is a fierce battle when it comes to USA and Russia. If the Russian team wins the remaining games and makes it to the final game against USA (assuming that USA wins too) it would be a game of epic proportions. Then again USA against Canada would be a good final game too!

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